Third-person shooter based on the Transformers movies


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  • Category Action
  • Program license Demo
  • Size 733.25 MB
  • Works under: Windows 98 SE / Windows ME / Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 98 / Windows 2000
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Transformersgame

Are you a Robot in Disguise

There is no denying that the Transformers franchise is universally popular and whether you are a fan of the comic books, cartoon series, films or all of the above, you will have your favourite characters. Transformers: The Game brings all of these characters to life and promises plenty of gaming fun. Read on to discover if the game is as good as it aims to be.

This is a third person action shooter game and players are given the chance to step into the shoes of their favourite Transformer and play as that character. This includes playing as one of the bad guys if that’s your preference. The main aim of the game is to fight your enemies to either save the Earth or take control of it and the side you choose will ultimately affect the way that the game unfolds.

Each of the robots has various different ways to attack including certain weapons and skills. You can also throw any objects at your enemies from those that happen to be around you, making the game feel more realistic. The visual effects are stunning and realistic represent the characters from the Transformers films.

At the start of the game, players are able to choose the four weapons that they will take into battle with them. You must choose carefully and wisely, as these weapons will remain with you throughout the game. Players who are more familiar with the game will be give a distinct edge, meaning that you may well want to return to the start later to choose different weapons once you are more familiar with them.

An extra element of fun is given to the action sequences by the excellent soundtrack. A large number of popular rock and pop bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and the Goo Goo Dolls contributed to this soundtrack and rocking out with your favourite track can help make the game more exciting.

Although there are lots of different missions to complete during the game, these missions can feel rather repetitive at times. Players may get the feeling after completing their fourth or fifth mission that they have done it all before. This takes the edge off the excitement a little and older players may start to feel a bit bored after a while.

Switching to the Decepticons Storyline makes things a bit more interesting. There are lots of playable characters to choose from including the mighty Megatron, Dreadwing, Blackout and Frenzy. All of these characters have plenty of menace and you can really revel in the chance to be the bad guy and make the Autobots shake with fear at your wrath.

Players are given a variety of controls to choose from in the form of keyboard controls and mouse buttons. Unfortunately, these controls are not always as smooth and simple to use as they seem at first. There is a sharp learning curve involved to master these controls and they can often be a bit tricky to use, which makes progress in the game a bit slow.

Fans of Transformers are sure to love playing the role of one of the actual characters and saving the day or defeating the Autobots. Although the game is not as easy to control as you might hope, the great graphics and soundtrack make up for its shortcomings and provide lots of excitement.


  • Play the game as your favourite Transformer
  • The Decepticons and Autobots are very detailed
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • The soundtrack absolutely rocks


  • The missions tend to be repetitive
  • The mouse and keyboard controls can be very awkward
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